Propose New PxAssets

This guide shows you how to submit a proposal for new pxAssets.

Before submitting a proposal, please first discuss your idea in Telegram or Discord.

A pxAsset is a synthetic asset collateralized by PERL or other approved tokens tracking the price of any assets or a predefined calculation.

Navigate to and connect your wallet

Once your wallet is connected, select 'New Proposal'

To submit a new proposal, you'll need to have at least 10,000 PERL token in your wallet.

Enter the field with the following template:


New PxAsset - (Name of pxAsset)


Summary (2 to 5 sentences) *A brief description of the pxAsset*

Abstract *The reasoning of the proposal of this pxAsset*

Motivation *What is this pxAsset going to achieve?*

Specification *How is the price of this pxAsset derrived?*


1) Approve 2) Reject

Select Start Date, start time, end date and end time

A proposal should last at least 3 days for the community to vote on.

Time is based on your local time (computer settings)

You may use the default block number or look at and use the last block number.

Lastly, select 'Publish' and select 'Sign' in the Metamask popup.

Congratulations! Your proposal is now up!

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