Trading Guide

This page guides you to trade on PerlinX in BSC

Trading on PerlinX in BSC is powered by PancakeSwap.

Navigate to PerlinX dapp

Select your Metamask extension and switch to Binance Smart Chain

If you do not see the Binance Smart Chain Option, please refer to this guide to add BSC to your Metamask.

pageMetamask on BSC

Now that you're on BSC, select 'Connect Wallet'

Select your desired trading token pair.

Approve PerlinX to use your token to facilitate the trade, enter the amount you want to sell/buy, then select 'Swap Tokens'

Approving tokens to be used on PerlinX and 'Swap Tokens' both require confirmation on Metamask

You have now successfully traded on PerlinX in BSC.

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