Frequently Asked Questions - this page will be updated as more PerlinX features get released

What is Perlin?

Perlin was created in late 2017 with the goal of connecting existing traditional markets and economies to the blockchain ecosystem. We are the exclusive blockchain partner of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and have co-founded the Centre of Future Trade, ICC Clarify, ICC TradeFlow, and ICC Carbon Council alongside the ICC.

What is PerlinX?

PerlinX represents our first step towards bringing real-world assets to blockchain through decentralized liquidity pools and synthetic asset generation.

Our PERL liquidity pools utilizes the Balancer Protocol to stimulate deep liquidity. Through staking PERL, PerlinX users can supply liquidity to the platform while simultaneously receiving incentives. PerlinX will also be the interface for the creation of synthetic assets of any kind. PERL will be the sole collateral asset for this process. The exact mechanisms needed to perform this function will be implemented into PerlinX soon.

What's our immediate road-map?

Our immediate priorities are:

1) Launch PERL liquidity pools

2) Launch a trial liquidity incentive program

3) Implement the necessary infrastructure required to generate synthetic assets on PerlinX

What are the Token Economics of PERL?

- Total supply of 1,033,200,000 and 352,597,396 in circulation

- Contract address: 0xeca82185adce47f39c684352b0439f030f860318

- Functions as a liquidity and collateral asset on the PerlinX platform

Where can I trade PERL?


What happened to Wavelet?

All developments on Wavelet have been postponed indefinitely. Perlin is now focused on building with the Ethereum platform. Read previous articles regarding Wavelet HERE and HERE.

What's happening with CarbonDAO?

The COVID19 pandemic has reduced travel by 85%+ and the aviation industry's carbon offset regime (CORSIA) was meant to be the largest consumer of carbon credits and driver of carbon demand. Perlin has been tracking both DeFi and the carbon markets and the ICAO decision to exclude the 2020 aviation emissions from the carbon baseline has meant that realistically, the aviation industry will not be a major carbon credit consumer for phase 1 or until the travel industry's recovery which is estimated to be 2024.

Therefore, we have focused on DeFi for the near term and will revisit the CarbonDAO pending macroeconomic trends. At Perlin we continue to track multiple markets and opportunities and have decided to introduce PerlinX as the first step to onboard the DeFi community, and we will continue to onboard traditional institutions with ICC after this.

What's happening with ICC Trade & TradeFlow?

We are focusing on DeFi in the short-term while continuing to support the trade applications in the background. Our ultimate vision is to link commodity trade and trade finance to DeFi in the future.

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