PerlinX Synthetic Asset Guide
This guide explains the few important values you need to know and shows you how to interact with the UMA protocol and using PerlinX.


Token Symbol: Symbol of the synthetic asset Liquidation Ratio (Collateral Requirement): The value ratio of synthetic asset/collateral in USD to maintain.
If the collateral ratio falls below the collateral requirement, the token sponsor can lose all their collateral.
Minimum Sponsor Token: The minimum amount of synthetic token a sponsor must owe against the protocol. This includes the balance after minting or partial liquidation. Global Collateralization Ratio (USD): The current USD ratio of synthetic asset/collateral. Global Collateralization Ratio (Token): The number of tokens ratio of synthetic asset/collateral. Expiry: When the synthetic asset will expire and all token holders can redeem the synthetic asset for the underlying collaterals.


Check out the interactive guide here
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