PerlinX Synthetic Asset Guide

This guide explains the few important values you need to know and shows you how to interact with the UMA protocol and using PerlinX.


Token Symbol: Symbol of the synthetic asset Liquidation Ratio (Collateral Requirement): The value ratio of synthetic asset/collateral in USD to maintain.

If the collateral ratio falls below the collateral requirement, the token sponsor can lose all their collateral.

Minimum Sponsor Token: The minimum amount of synthetic token a sponsor must owe against the protocol. This includes the balance after minting or partial liquidation. Global Collateralization Ratio (USD): The current USD ratio of synthetic asset/collateral. Global Collateralization Ratio (Token): The number of tokens ratio of synthetic asset/collateral. Expiry: When the synthetic asset will expire and all token holders can redeem the synthetic asset for the underlying collaterals.


Check out the interactive guide here

pageMinting Synthetic AssetspageAdding CollateralpageDecreasing CollateralpageRedeeming Assets (before expiry)pageRedeeming Assets (after expiry)

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