Stake and Reward Guide

This guide shows you how to stake your LP tokens to earn reward.

Head on to 'Farms' on the navigation tab.

Look for PERL-BNB, select 'Details' and click 'Enable Farm'. Metamask will ask for permission to spend your LP token.

Then click 'Stake LP' and enter the amount of LP you'd like to stake.

Confirm the transaction and you're now earning $CAKE reward! You can harvest your $CAKE reward at any time.

What's more? With the $CAKE reward earned, you can stake your $CAKE to earn more $PERL!

Earning PERL reward on PancakeSwap Start block: 6551910 (approx. 7am UTC on April 14th) Finish block: 8279910 (approx. 7am UTC on June 13th) Token rewards per block: 1.1574 PERL

Head on to 'Pools' on the navigation sidebar.

Look up for PERL Pool and select 'Approve CAKE'

After the transaction is approved, click on the '+' button, enter the amount of $CAKE you'd wish to stake and select 'Confirm'

You can harvest your PERL reward at any time.

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