Imtoken Swap Guide

This guide is no longer applicable on PerlinX V3 Please use the legacy PerlinX UI and continue with the guide below

Open Imtoken 2.0

Tap on Browser.

And then tap on the address bar or press the scan button.

Visit You can access the dApp by keying in the address

You'll see this after visiting the website.

Pinch in on the screen to zoom out and see the full page.

Click on 'Connect Metamask' to connect your wallet.

Click on 'Approve PERL' (Note: once completed, you'll only need to perform this approval even if you have more legacy PERL to swap at a later date)

Confirm Transaction.

Click on 'Upgrade'.

Confirm Transaction.

You'll be able to see your new PERL reflected at the Wallet Balance.

Congratulations, all your legacy PERLs are upgraded to the new PERLs. You can start staking and earning the PERL Liquidity Mining Incentive!

Note: Some wallets require you to add the new PERL address manually after the swap to view them. You can do so with the contract address: 0xeca82185adce47f39c684352b0439f030f860318 For metamask, click on this: Imtoken Guide: Trust Wallet Guide:

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