PerlinX Stake and Rewards Guide

This guide shows you how to stake the Pool Token to be eligible for the rewards, and how to claim the rewards

If you have provided liquidity to PerlinX on the Ethereum network, this step is not required. If you have provided liquidity to PerlinX on Binance Smart Chain, follow this guide to earn $CAKE reward.

To stake the liquidity pool token

Click on ‘Rewards’

Click on Lock

Approve PerlinX reward contract to store your LP token

Confirm the transaction on metamask.

Wait for the approval transaction to be processed. Choose to stake all the PT, and click on ‘Lock Share’

Confirm Metamask

After the transaction is confirmed, you can see your locked balance updated.

3. To claim reward

Click on ‘Rewards’

Click on “Claim”

You’ll get the reward after the transaction is confirmed, and your balance would be updated.

Tokens ‘Missing’ from dashboard after staking for incentive,

After staking for incentive, you will not be able to view your pools joined.

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