Adding Collateral

This guide shows you how to interact with UMA protocol and add collateral for synthetic assets minted.

Check out the interactive guide here

Note: You can only add collateral if you have minted synthetic asset earlier, and are not completely liquidated.

Click on 'Mint' on the navigation bar

Select the synthetic asset that you want to add collateral, and click on 'Manage'.

Click on ‘Increase collateral’.

Type in the amount of PERL you would like to add as collateral and click on 'add collateral'.

Confirm the transaction.

After the collateral is added successfully, you can see that the number of collateral PERL has increased by 1000, and the collateralization ratio has increased as well.

Increasing collateral increases your collateralization ratio and global collateralization ratio (GCR). All new minting must have collateralization >= GCR to be accepted by the protocol.

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