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Welcome Perlineers!

Perlin Ambassador Program

Overview We are fostering a close community of Perlin supporters (aka Perlineers) that can help others learn about Perlin and develop on Wavelet. Perks included and anyone that is interested and meets the prerequisites please apply!

Prerequisites 1. An unwavering advocate of Perlin. 2. Well read on all aspects of our protocol, so one can hit the ground running. 3. A Telegram account, as this is our main communication channel.

Benefits for Perliners 1. Early access to our work and helps test out new products and approaches. 2. Early access to news prior to going public so we can acquire feedback. 3. Occasional monetary incentives and Perlin swag for specific initiatives!

If you're interested become an ambassador today, by filling out this form! We will reach out individually if you fit the criteria.

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