Minting Synthetic Assets

This guide shows you how to interact with UMA protocol and mint synthetic asset using PerlinX.

Check out the interactive guide here

Click on 'Mint' on the navigation bar.

‌Select the synthetic asset you want to mint, and click on 'Mint'.

You’ll be led to the pxAsset’s manage page. Select ‘Mint assets’.

‌Click on 'Approve PERL' to allow the protocol to use your PERL and mint the synthetic asset.

Confirm the approval.

Key in the amount of synthetic asset to be minted, and click on 'Mint assets'. You can see that around 100*Raw GCR (80.33) = 8033 PERL is required to mint 100 pxUSD_Jan2021.

The system will automatically choose the lowest collateralization ratio allowed, which is the Raw GCR.

If you already have a position opened, you can choose to mint extra pxAsset with existing collateral by toggling the switch.

‌Confirm the transaction.

‌You can see in 'Your Position' panel that you have minted the 300pxUSD_Jan2021 successfully and it is in your wallet now.

You can now provide liquidity to the pool to earn rewards!

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